story for skills for living

Dad was in the stand next to me and I’ve loaded two bullets into my 12 gauge double barrel berretta shotgun. Dad took his last shot then snap. I closed the barrel of the gun and threw my gun up on to my shoulder “PULL!” I shouted.


I lined up the clay bird, I pulled the trigger, but no boom. I felt really embarrassed then I tried again. “PULL!” but it didn’t work. Dad quickly jumped out of his stand. He closed and opened the barrel a couple of times then said “there you go, try that.” I yelled out “PULL!


I spotted the clay bird and crack, I obliterated the clay bird! Then I realised it was a pair on report. I quickly swung my barrel over to the other clay bird and then crack! Again  I obliterated the other one. Then I heard Treasurer yell out “one and one!” I thought to myself “YES” I got two points and that raised my score to 18.